Le Murraya : Promotion
Le Murraya : Promotion
Le Murraya : About Us

Le Murraya is a unique accommodation experience on Koh Samui, Thailand, a sophisticated city style hotel with Asian flavour in the heart of an island paradise.
Appealing to visitors of this increasingly upmarket island while ensuring a value for money associated wiht a Thailand holiday, Le Murraya introduces a new concept to tropical island living.
Le Murraya combines limitless luxury with unrivalled affordability, and presents itself as an idea long term base for an exploration of Koh Samui and the South East Asia region.
Koh Samui is a truly international island, with a convenient airport connecting guests to the major Asian cities Hong Kong with its breathtaking culture, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok with their immediate vitality, and Singapore, a haven for shoping making Samui a perfect hub from which to explore the region, and Le Murraya the ideal home.
As a fresh and innovative trend setter on the "New Samui" scene, Le Murraya is in tune with the changes of this dynamic island, and is one step ahead in providing its guests with the best the island has to offer.
Le Murraya's management team is responsive to the wishes and suggestions of each and every guest, and has appointed a Guest Relations Officer at the hotel to cater for your every need.
With its spacious, apartment size suite rooms with separate en-suite bedrooms and all the furnishings of a luxury home, Le Murraya is proud to be able to accommodate large families in comfort and style as well as individual travelers seeking a private space in which to relax.
Discover Koh Samui in style at Le Murraya.