Your Stay

The Spa at Web Connection Demo Hotel draws its energy and vitality from its natural surroundings. From the tranquil waters of the sea to the fragrant herbs in the gardens, the spa is an oasis to of its own. Balancing the elements earth, air, fire, water and wood puts us in sync with nature’s equilibrium.

The spa complex has a lounge area, steam room and sauna, swimming pool and cafe. It is easy to spend the whole day relaxing, dining and feeling at one with nature and leave feeling rejuvenated from head to toe. Book your spa experience at reception at least 24 hours in advance.

Spa Treatments

The treatments and massages at Demo Spa are inspired by ancient therapies that have been practised for generations. Combined with our modern know-how we offer head-to-toe treatments that will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed. Try our signature spa treatment, the Ayurvedic head massage which reduces stress and stimulates healing.

Spa Packages

Our expert therapists recommend a combination of spa treatments that give you hours of relaxing and rejuvenating experiences. There are spa packages for couples and individuals that focus on different themes such as relaxation, Ayurveda, Thai experience and more. The spa packages can be used at one time or spread out during your stay.